I've got a good, long list of reads for you!


Here's what I read in October



Our very own Ivey Media team member, Abby Castel, wrote and self-published a book!!! It's called Let It All Out: Honest Thoughts on the Life of a Twenty-Something. I read it recently on our trip to Terlingua and am declaring that every person in their 20's needs to read so you can feel seen and known, and every one of us that interacts with that amazing age group should read to understand them more! Let's support our girl, Abby! Go buy her book today!!!




Y'all know I love memoirs so much! This one is a must-read for all adoptive parents! There were parts of her story that were hard for me to read, knowing I'm raising black children, but I thought it was necessary for her story to be told so that we can all learn and grow! In Surviving the White Gaze, Rebecca Carroll, a black woman, grew up in an all-white family and community. This memoir was so well written and caused me to yearn for more of her story with every turn of the page!




I had heard about Crying In H-Mart by Michelle Zauner from the Relevant podcast, but it wasn’t until I posted a pic of me in H-Mart that so many of you recommended it to me. I love a good memoir, and I loved this one!




We just recently had Rosie Rivera on The Happy Hour to talk about her book God Is Your Defender. This book is beautifully written and dives into Rosie's story of redemption. I was blown away by all that she's overcome. Just want to throw out a trigger warning as there is mention of sexual assault and suicide so please read with caution.




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Note: Just a reminder, as you read the list of books I recommend, remember to use discernment. While I may recommend a book or author, it does not suggest that I am in full agreement with every opinion/statement that the author portrays.



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