HEY HEY, FRIENDS! Alright – this past month was a busy one. I had a lot of back-to-back travel and very little bathtub-reading time. BUT nonetheless, I'm happy to share the books that made this month's reading list!


Here's what I read in November



The subtitle of this book by Mitchel Lee is Trusting God When Life Disappoints, Overwhelms, or Just Doesn't Make Sense. The reason why I love this book so much is because it doesn't shy away from talking about the parts of life that really hurt. This book gives us the freedom to grieve the things that mattered to us. However, in the midst of it all, being able to face God and say, “Even if, I will still trust you.” HIGHLY recommend this read, and listen to his episode on The Happy Hour!




Y'all. I absolutely LOVED Where The Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. I listened on audiobook and it was incredible. The storytelling is unmatched and I cannot recommend it enough!




A lot of my friends told me about The Dutch House by Ann Patchett so I was excited to read it. I thought it was just okay, didn't love it! But I will say that I started it months ago, picked up where I left off, and felt SUPER confused. So, my review might not be the best or most accurate! Most of my friends have loved it so if you think you might like it, GO FOR IT!




This book is just so heartwarming. Taylor Tippett wrote Words From The Window Seat based on a personal project that she started years ago as a flight attendant: Leaving encouraging words and notes for passengers to find in their seat! It really shows the difference that can be made when you're kind to yourself and others.




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Note: Just a reminder, as you read the list of books I recommend, remember to use discernment. While I may recommend a book or author, it does not suggest that I am in full agreement with every opinion/statement that the author portrays.



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