I just booked tickets today! I'm going to meet my son face to face in January! Praise God! I'm so happy I could cry thinking about it. I have a lot of emotions about this trip. So extremely happy, but yet scared and apprehensive too. I'll be traveling alone and that kinda scares me. I'll worry a lot about something happening to me and make myself sick on the plane. I am a worry person, so if you need something to pray for me about, go ahead and add that to your list now for January! BUT I would go through all the worry and all that anxiety and all that stress to get to spend one day with Amos. I will have six days with him! You have no idea how this makes me feel. I can't wait to meet Licia, Lori and all the ladies and men that work there. I can't wait to meet Amos' friends and see how the clinic and center run. I'm so excited!