Hello my fellow book-loving friends! Summer is in full swing and I've been getting questions about what's happening with The Happy Hour Summer Book Club. So I'll break the news: this summer I won't be hosting the Book Club and here's why. I will still spend this summer focused on books, however this time I'm on the other side because this summer I'll be writing my second book! Friends, I know that when I'm neck deep in writing, re-writing, (and repeat), I wouldn't be able to host this book club and give you guys the experience that I want to. Even though we won't be able to read through some fabulous books together, I still have some books I think you're going to love. I put together a list of recommended reading for you, so grab a friend (or more!) and choose some of these books to dive into. Then, come find me on Instagram and let me know what you thought! 

Jamie Ivey