Here are some things I think are worth your time to check out:

  1. The new bible study I'm doing.  Anna is leading it.  Sounds cool!
  2. These people are adopting again!  I love this!  I love to hear Heidi's heart on adoption and her families journey across the world again to allow 3 kids to have a mom and a dad.  Is there a way you could help?
  3. Leslie and Chris in Haiti.  I just found this blog today and I look forward to reading all about their work in Haiti.  They also have some recent pictures from the damage that the hurricanes are dropping on that island.  Please go look and PRAY.
  4. Tara poured out her heart again and I love to read about their journey as they live life in Haiti.
  5. This dish is vegetarian – this site is cool.  You can sign up to have a weekly menu emailed to you and it includes a grocery list too.  I ran to HEB tonight and we'll be having the GRILLED PORTOBELLO SANDWICH tonight!  Yummy!
  6. Emma's blog talks about their adoption.  Recently she had posts about getting airline help when bringing home your adopted child.  She also wrote a letter to an editor that i thought was brilliant.  Go check her out.
Jamie Ivey