I feel very honored to be considered a featured blogger for the TOGETHER FOR ADOPTION CONFERENCE. I am still not quite sure while so many of you read this little bitty blog.  I mean you must get tired of my stories of my kids.  My attempts at cooking.  My silly mommy stories.  For some reason you keep reading and because of that I'll keep writing.  I've vowed to keep it real and that's what I've done.

When they asked me to be a blogger for the conference I had no idea we would have this blogger lunch where you could all sign up to come and meet the featured bloggers.  I must say it seems a little silly because I'm just a regular ole' mom with nothing that special about her, but yet I somehow made the varsity team of bloggers.  All these bloggers I would for sure sign up to have lunch with. In fact I can't wait to meet all the other bloggers.  I know Kristen and Tara, but I think that's about it.

So, if you are coming to the TOGETHER FOR ADOPTION conference you should sign up to have lunch with us bloggers! Maybe we'll blog about you or something!!!

My lunch day is on Friday.  I'd love love love to meet you.  I want to hear your stories and hear your heart for the orphans  around the world.  Oh and did I mention this is FREE!

Kristen is on Saturday and she's in a small little competition with me.  As of right now her group is winning.  ugh!  Come on people, join me for lunch on Friday! (Although I would have lunch with Kristen, Tara & the other fabulous bloggers on Saturday if I could!!!)

So, if you want to have lunch with me, you will also get to have lunch with these fabulous bloggers:

Amy Bottomly – her and her hubby have two kids from Ethiopia and I cant' wait to meet her

Amy Block – yes she has NINE kids.  Oh my blood pressure just shot up!  I struggle with four and she has nine.  I might just lock her in a corner and have her tell me her secrets … or else

Zach Nielsen – here's your dude blogger.  Come meet him while you can

Courtney Girwood – once again another mom with 9 kids.  What the heck are these people thinking?  Just kidding of course!  But I'm not kidding about wanting some advice on how to wrangle my four!  Courtney and her family have had a tough road these past few months and she is living and breathing through it.  I admire her strength for this

Jody Landers – mom to SIX kids.  These people are killing me!  I might just attack her as well until she spills her secrets b/c all six of her kids are young.  Tell me your secrets.  She looks so cute in her pictures and I can't wait to meet her in person!  Oh and she's also married to a worship pastor just like me.

So, come visit me!  Say hi!  Let's meet in REAL LIFE!


*Once again this picture has NOTHING to do with this post, but aren't those some cute kids!