First let me say a HUGE Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mom, Nancy my mother-in-law, my Grandma in San Diego, and my Mimi in Texas! I love you all!

Second I want to tell you how I got a HUGE slap in the face today from God. Ha ha! You know the moments where you feel as if God just says to you, are you kidding me? This morning was fine as I got the kids ready for church by myself and we arrived just in time for me to teach my kindergarten and first grade kids in Sunday School. As they were all making mother's day cards for their mommy's I started feeling sad that I didn't get cards from my boys today. Neither one of them wished me a Happy Mother's Day, or made me breakfast in bed and that is probably because they are 3 and 1, but still I was feeling sorry for myself. (I did get cards from school though on Thursday!)

Then after church everyone was headed out to restaurants to shower their moms with praise and a day off from cooking. Me, well I was headed home by myself to make hot dogs and left overs for my sweet boys and myself. As I drove home I felt cheated on Mother's Day. I felt as though I wasn't being praised and I wasn't important.

After I put the kids down for a nap I headed out to mow the lawn. Now mowing the lawn didn't upset me, because actually I enjoy mowing the lawn. I get free sun, a slight workout, and time alone to think! Well, thinking I did.

As I was having my pity party to God about being alone on Mother's Day and not having anyone to take me out it was as if he started whispering little things in my ears. The first was thoughts of Naomi and Ruth from the bible. This was our lesson today in church and I remembered how Naomi lost not only her husband but also her two sons. I bet she had a few lonely Mother's Day's to celebrate alone. She endured and persevered and God blessed her. Shame on me for feeling sad when I have the best hubby in the world, who is constantly praising me as a mom, and lavishing me with gifts and his time, and I have two fantastic healthy boys that love me more and more every day.

Then I remembered my friend Allison posting about her friends in a car accident this weekend. Not only is this mom in the hospital in bad shape but she is dealing with the fact that her son is hours away in another hospital not responding and probably not going to make it.

Then I think of all the women who LONG for a child and for some reason or another can not have one. Their hearts are broken and longing for a life to grow inside of them.

Then I think of all the moms that have lost children. I can not even imagine this tragedy happening to a mom. I pray that these women are comforted in the fact that God is good and just the same way as he provided and protected Naomi he will do the same thing for them.

I also think of birth mothers who have placed their children with new families. I am sure they think of these children often and have a special place for them in their hearts forever.

So, my lawn mowing today was very enlightening to me. God was gracious to gently whisper in my ear that my moaning, groaning and complaining was not necessary. Although I didn't get showered with praises today by anyone, I know that my hubby and children adore me and I am thankful for all that I have in this life.

(As a side note, Aaron did shower me with gifts before he went out of town, so don't think he forgot!!!!)