Cayden (and Deacon too) went to his best girl friend's birthday party this weekend. Katie turned 3 and had a fabulous party at a dance studio. It was a Kindermusic party and both of my boys loved it so much! They loved the dancing and the Thomas cupcakes too!

Thanks Katie for a great time, and thanks for being a great friend!

Katie and Cayden have been in MDO in the same class for the past two years and they are such great friends! They are so excited when they see each other and are so cute together. Isn't it amazing how 3 year olds can have a best friend – they are innocent and pure and don't care what the other looks likes, or where they come from. Cayden and Katie are friends and that is so cool to me. I love that my 3 year old has a friend that he prayes for at night (Katie and Eli EVERY night) and looks forward to seeing.

Jamie Ivey