I had a great birthday celebration.  Aaron took me to our favorite sushi place:  TOMO where we ate too much and enjoyed great conversation with no kids interrupting our every word!!!  🙂

Then Aaron took me to Clive in Austin where my friends were waiting to celebrate with me.  I didn't know they were going to be there so that was lots of fun.  We are beyond blessed with the BEST friends in the world in our lives and they make each year that I'm here on this earth better than the last.  Gosh we love our friends!

Aaron and his boys!


I love when we take pictures because Maris always has to count and then try to hold her eyes open! She always closes her eyes!

Picture #1 – Think they are closed …..


Picture #2 – yep they are closed …..


Picture #3 – now we're laughing and I think they're closed again


Picture #4 – Okay maybe this is a good one!!!! I love it!


Then some more friends showed up and we tried again!

Picture #1 – yep those eyes are for sure closed!


Picture #2 – closed again. 🙂


Picture #3 – Good one!


I love you Maris!

Jamie Ivey