Birthday's don't seem like they are that big of a deal anymore these days. Tomorrow I'll hit the big 2-9! 29 years old. 1 year left until I'm 30. 11 years away from 40. Wow – isn't it funny how when I was younger 40 seemed so old and now it seems so young!

Aaron surprised me and took me out on the town on Thursday night to celebrate a little early. I let the boys go home from school with Shawnah because Big Boy was begging to go over there and I headed home to mow the lawn. I was at home about to change clothes to mow when Aaron arrived and told me we were going out!!! I LOVE TO GO OUT!!!! What a surprise. Little did I know he had already made plans with Shawnah to watch the boys for us and I didn't know about it.

We went to a FABULOUS restaurant in Nashville called Radius 10. Super vibey and super cool! It reminded us of Chicago or New York City. It is in the Gulch area and we had some great drinks, great pizza, great hummus, great salad and fabulous tuna! Yummy it was good! Then we headed over to The Rutledge to listen to some great live music. Since we had gone to dinner so early we arrived during sound check! It was funny to me to watch someone else sound check. 🙂 We sat at the bar and I read the paper!!! We were only able to listen to one band since we needed to get home and get the kids before 10.

We had so much fun celebrating my birthday. The boys got me a new watch. Apparently Aaron doesn't like the watch that I have now. I bought it at Target about 3 years ago and it is a sports watch which is great for running. I never take it off and he says it looks awful. I even wear it with nice clothes. I just never cared! Aaron gave me the gift I was hoping for all along – a new program for my computer called iRemember. It is a digital scrap booking program and I can NOT wait to get to scrapping!

As we were out that night we talked about life, love and how we wish that everyone loved each other the way we love each other. It seems like lately people all around us are somehow missing the meaning of life. Married couples are fogetting what it means to love, cherish, respect and care for each other. They are not putting their spouse first in life. We have vowed to alaways put each other before anything – even our kids and our jobs! “US” is way more important than anythinge else on this earth. We are diligent about spending time talking each day. Many nights we eat together as a family, and about once a week we feed the kids first, put them in bed, and then eat our meal together. It is a MUST that we go out at least 2-3 times a month with NO kids.

We continue to date. We continue to fall in love. We will continue on this journey together.

Jamie Ivey