If you see me today and my smile is a little bigger and I have a little extra pep in my step it's because my best friend is coming home tonight!!!  Yes Aaron will be here tonight!!!  He is supposed to fly from NM to TN tonight, but he's going to bail in Dallas and the kids and I are going to pick him up and bring him home for 2 nights.  Then he'll catch an early flight Monday morning to TN.  Oh this makes me a happy happy woman!

The only bad thing is that I wasn't prepared for him to be home this weekend.  All you women out there with husbands that travel know what I mean.  The house is not prepared.  I have been neglecting things knowing that I still had another week before he would be home.  Like the pack n play that I walk past every day and remind myself to take it down b/c no ones sleeping in it, yep it's still up!  The piles by the front door for goodwill, yep still there.  The disaster of a closet that we have, yep still disaster.

Oh well.  If I know Aaron he won't care too much, he'll just be happy to be home with his family for a full day on Sunday!  Oh my I'm giddy.  We've had a good week with him gone, but I've missed him terribly and I think Amos has regressed with Aaron being totally out of pocket for so long.  He is so confused as to what 7 more night-night's means and asks all the time if Daddy will be eating with us, even after I've shown him the calendar a hundred times.  Poor guy.

I'm not telling the kids until we are on the road.  The last thing I need is four kids asking if it's time to leave for the next few hours!  So, we're off to the pool with Ginger and Staci, even though I need to be cleaning I want the kids to have fun and I love my girls.  Then we're back for lunch and clean up and then on the road to Dallas to get our daddy!

Funny thing from this morning …. I have been trying to get the boys to just do their thing in the morning and let mommy sleep!  Deacon and Cayden are good about it, but Amos is up at the crack of dawn and in my face!  Usually he lays with me, but today he actually hung out with the boys and I slept until almost 9am.  Well, slept every 10 min in between one of them coming in to ask a question or something.  Finally I told Cayden to turn on the tv to PBS so they could watch tv.  Then I didn't see them for a while and I was happy.

When I woke up I walked in the living room to see Cayd and Deacon glued to the tv.  I asked what they were watching and Cayden said, “stuff you don't let us watch, like Ninja Turtles and stuff!”

It was hilarious.  Yes I'm NOT a fan of any cartoons except ones on PBS for a couple of reasons, but mainly commercials.  I HATE commercials.  In the 2 hours (i know lazy mom today!) they've been watching tv they have already commented on all this “stuff” that would be fun to have.  UGH.  i hate commercials.

Okay, so today is a GOOD day!  Yippee!  Aaron's flying home today and he'll be here for 2 night night's!  Love it!

Happy Saturday to you!  Hope you enjoy your day!


*from the Stubb's show last week.  yes we were sweating like crazy since there was no a/c in that room!