A few weeks ago we hosted a birthday party for Deacon and he claimed it was THE BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY ever so I feel obligated to tell you all the awesome things that I did so that you can recreate it for your son.

Deacon was already bummed because he didn't have his birthday party on the exact date of his birthday. He had a hard time understanding the fact that November got a bit crazy for us Ivey's and his birthday party got pushed back. No worries, he'll survive. I told him to get over it because his sister didn't even have a six year old birthday party, so he could surely wait a few weeks to get his party on!

Here are my three steps to THE BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER:

1. Make your own cupcakes.

Now some of you are thinking that this is not the easiest thing because you can buy some really tasty cupcakes these days from Target with some great super hero ring on them for all the kids to enjoy, but let me tell you that making them is super easy.

You and your child can go to the store and pick out their favorite flavor of cake and icing. Where else can you do that? Then if your kids are lucky enough to have a mom like me, they will then get cupcakes that look as if they themselves iced them. You see the cupcakes below … yeah I actually put icing on those, not a three year old. But I was just keeping it real  with all the guests and letting them think that Deacon's little sister made these cupcakes for them.


2. Buy some snacks and throw them on the table.

Moms, no need to make extravagant snacks because all they are going to do is to devour them. No kids are judging you based on whether your snacks look good. All they care about is eating them. They don't care if the snacks spell out anything, look like a character from Sesame Street, or are arranged in a way to represent the childs favorite monster truck. They only want to eat them!

Therefore you just buy a variety (hence the oranges & bananas – which make note not one kid ate!) and throw them on the table. They will come, they will eat, and they will be happy.


3. Give them a ball and leave them alone.

Deacon wanted a football party, and so I ordered some flags from Amazon, picked up a football (from our backyard!) and bam we had a party! I then got Bush & Aaron to be refs and we had ourselves a little flag football championship for the boys.


There you go moms. The plans for THE BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER right here at your fingertips. You can think me later, especially for the guilt you are losing over making those cupcakes look perfect. Kids DO NOT care, they just want to eat them!