How is that a good day can go bad in a matter of 10 minutes.  For me that is bedtime.  It seems as though everyone turns whiny and non-compliant when it comes to bedtime routines.  For me the worst is praying with the kids.  I dread it and I hate that I dread it.  It seems as though they don't care, they don't listen and they don't sit still.  Yes, they are 4 and 2, but seriously can they not sit and act like they care about talking to God for 2 minutes.

Tonight during our prayers before bedtime Cayden earned himself a time out for the first 6 minutes of playtime tomorrow and Deacon earned himself 7.  And they were in one minute increments!

Am I asking too much?  I need help from you families out there that pray with your kids at night.  What is your routine?  How does it work?  What am I doing wrong?  How do I get my kids to see the time we spend praying at night as valuable?  It was so bad tonight that I wanted to scream and yell and while I prayed (b/c no one else would) all I could think about was how mad I was and wished we wouldn't have even sat down to pray.

Then I went over to Cayden's bed and laid with him and talked about some other issues we had today I talked to him about praying. I asked him what he was thankful for and he came up with something and he actually prayed and so I left the room with a tad bit of redemption.  I loved that moment and it made the night much better after our individual time together.

Maybe I need to pray with them individually.  BUT they are in the same room and Deacon's still in a baby bed.

Okay anyhow …. send me your suggestions.  Seriously what am  I doing wrong and how can I make this better?