When Amos came home and I was a new mom to four kids I asked you guys for advice and you all rocked it.  So now, I'm coming to you again to ask you for any tips about being a working mom.

  1. How do working moms get it all done?  Laundry?  Dishes?  Lunches?  Cleaning?  I always feel as though when I get home that I can't jump right in to all the “chores” of housework b/c I've been away from my kids all morning.  Do you guys do laundry on a scheduled day?  I have always hated that idea, but now I'm entertaining the idea.
  2. Getting up early has been hard.  Any of you out there have to get up in the 4o'clock hour?  I am at work by 5:30 which means I'm usually up by 4:45.  If you do this, how long until my body adjusts?
  3. I haven't worked a job since before Cayden was born.  I mean I worked 2 days a week at a preschool (where my kids were) and for a while I taught at a tutorial, but working 6 hours a day, 5 days a week is new to me.  How do I get it all done?

What are your best tips for me.  From one working mom to another, how do you get it all done?  How do you spend great time with your kids?  How do you keep your house in order?  How in the world do you get the laundry done?

*Some super cute kids at one of our favorite restaurants, Phil's Ice House!