Tonight is our last night at the beach house.  Oh how thankful I am that my sweet friend, Debra, invited me to join her and her kids these past few days here.  The kids have had fun and it's been good to just be and not have a lot of things going on.  Some things have been harder.  Parenting Amos away from our home is harder by far.  He gets overwhelmed and we have break downs, but surely it's all about learning and our journey.  Right?

rainforest cafe

*Yes we took 6 kids to the RainForest Cafe.  Two of mine freaked most of the time.

Tonight (and last night) Debra and I have sat on the couch at night and watched tv and had our computers open.  I love it.  We both read blogs, write blogs and love blogs.  Tonight we started talking blogs.  I know some of you might think I'm a million years behind, but just this week I was introduced to Dooce and Amalah. I had never heard of them, but I think they are BLOG SUPER STARS.  Like, they blog for a living.  Did you even know this was possible.  Blogging is their job.  Weird.  Fun.  Cool.  Where do I sign up?!

Here's the run down of our conversations tonight:

  • Earthquake stuff
  • Kids coming home.  Still in awe that they are home.  Ronel (Debra's son) came home almost 2 weeks after Amos did.
  • God moving through kids coming home.  People we don't even know whose lives have been changed through OUR kids.  Wow.  God is good.  Too good to me.
  • Dreams and still believing in them even as moms to four kids.  wow.  four kids.  what just happened?  How in the world do I have four kids? Didn't I just get married?
  • Our trip to Haiti together in May 2008.  On that trip four out of the eight girls that were there just brought their kids home in the past few weeks. weird.  crazy.  once again God is very cool.
  • being moms and finding identity in that.
  • Bucket list.  Debra has one.  I want one.  Must do that soon.  Added to my to-do-list.  which is  the biggest joke of my life.  i add things there just to make myself think I might actually do it, knowing good and well I will never do it.  you have a “bucket list”?
  • Sponsors for blogs.  Can I get someone to sponsor me?  who would do it?  crazy moms inc.?  wine company?  minivan companies?  soccer mom car decal companies?  laundry detergent company?
  • Blog conferences.  I want to go to one.  That makes me a dork.
  • Elimination Communication – yeap we watched a show about it on Discovery Health.  No diapers.  Watch for your babies cues for when they have to pee and poop.  Seriously.  I remember being a new mom.  I was just watching to make sure they were breathing.  Not when they were peeing.
  • design blogs.  Debra wants one.  She should.
  • Unschooling.  Another show on discovery health.  weird, but good.  Not for me.  But very cool.
  • attachment parenting.  both of us are working on attaching with new kids.  Mine are 4 & 2  years old and hers is 9.  totally different, yet totally the same.

So there you go.  Our few days in a nut shell!  I love it.  Love being with someone that gets this part of my life.  When my son shuts down and goes into his weirdness she doesn't judge me or him.  She is there with me.  Thanks Debra.    All adoption moms need to get together and JUST BE.  it's nice.

So, tomorrow we're heading back home.  I miss my sweet man.  He's been home with Cayden and they've been having some awesome quality time together.  I love that so much!  Cayden has needed good daddy time.

I'll leave you with this picture that was taken this week of my sweet Story girl.  Gosh this girl is a light in my life.  She literally brightens up each day of mine.  I am so excited about the years that God has ahead of me with this girl.  She makes me laugh daily.  I look at her and laugh.  Gosh I love her.

story beach

Jamie Ivey