Today makes full day #5 of the beach.  I love the beach/pool, but if we could skip today I would be so happy.  I'm just tired and want to lay on the couch all day and sleep, read, eat, sleep, sleep, eat, read, watch tv.  BUT I have two boys that are napping now that I promised the pool, so the pool it will be soon!

We're having a great time.  Here are some thoughts right now.  I don't have the energy to do a real post, so here are random things in my head.

  • I miss Amos and Story.  I lay on my couch and gaze out the window to the ocean.  The same ocean that if I got in a boat I could eventually get to my kids.  They are out there.  I want to go to them right now and bring them to the beach with me.  How much fun would Amos have??!!!  And Story in a sweet little bathing suit, oh my!
  • Aaron is a great dad.  He HATES the sun, the beach and the pool, but every day he is out at the pool with the boys throwing them around and they love it!  They have no idea he doesn't like the water!
  • church camps at the beach perplex me.
  • this week i have felt as though people were looking at our family funny.  i don't think i was just feeling it, i think it was really  happening.  it didn't make me feel good.
  • our house is getting inspected on friday.  pray that there is nothing HUGE that would keep them from buying it.
  • today is 12 weeks in IBESR – not that i'm counting, just letting you know!
  • i'm ready to find a house in austin.
  • i'm tired.
  • deacon will be a drummer when he grows up.
  • still not eating meat.  kinda hard at camp.  last night was hot dogs and hamburgers.  i ventured across the street and had a veggie burger and sweet potatoe fries.  yummy!   aaron ended up at bonefish afterwards with friends.  i think he got the better deal.
  • speaking of bonefish … aaron took me out the other night.  we had a great date night.  love that guy so much!
  • i have a fever blister.  got it the first day of camp.  probably from the sun. HATE these things.
  • i have had a canker sore in my mouth for about 10 days now.  what the heck?  it hurts so bad and i can't eat unless i have numbing medicine on it.  UGH!
  • this is SPUR58's last camp ever.  ever.  ever.  i kinda got teary-eyed this morning watching them all play together.  what a great 5 years this has been!

okay off to nap before the kids get up ready for the pool!  i'll leave you with some pics.