It is fun trying to figure out what “skill” or “talent” your children will inherit from you. Aaron and I come from completely different backgrounds. I played sports all my life. My brother played sports all his life. My dad played sports all his life. That's all I've known. Although I think I did play hand bells at church in elementary school. I would highlight my note and just count and play when it got to that note. I had no clue what i was doing!

Aaron on the other hand has never played a sport. He didn't do that growing up. Instead he is very artistic. He sings (obviously), plays instruments, takes great photographs, and is a mad painter as well.

So, obviously we bring different “skills or talents” to the table for our kids. This is where nature vs. nurture comes in to play! We have one child that is biological and one that was adopted as a baby. We are always wondering what our kids will like to be involved in when they grow up. Will they want to play guitar or play baseball? Will they be artistic or run fast?

Honestly I think we do a great job with balance of our two gifts. It is no secret that I would be so overjoyed if any of my four children played any sort of college sport. Oh my I would LOVE that so much! I have enrolled Cayden in art classes, basketball and soccer in his short four years of life. In TN we had a fabulous art teacher and he did so well. He is very artistic and can draw very well. If I could find something like that here I would enroll him so fast. I would also like to get both boys in piano lessons.

Right now we're looking for a soccer team for Cayden to play on this Spring.