If you know me well you know that #1 I don't like to cook, and #2 I'm not that good, which probably leads back to #1!

When Aaron is home he does all the cooking.  I know you are jealous, but he loves to cook and it is wonderful for me because I don't.  He makes great meals that aren't the normal meatloaf and baked chicken.  Everything he does is gourmet to me!  I love when he gets something in his mind that he wants to make.  He finds the best recipe online heads to the grocery store, gets his apron on and goes to work.  It is such a fun thing for him!

When Aaron is out of town I must step up to the plate and do “normal” mom stuff such as cook dinner for her family.  I HATE cooking.  I LOVE eating.  I am getting better with taking on challenges when Aaron is gone.  I don't like cooking chicken because I always think I'll cause all of us to get salmonella!  We eat lots of veggies and lots whole wheat pasta!

Tonight was baked potato night for the three of us.  I am not the biggest fan of regular potatoes and kinda prefer sweet potatoes, but that was what was in the pantry so we work with what we have around here!  I put them in the oven and we headed to the Y for workout.  When we arrived home dinner was ready and I got the kids ready and to my surprise the kids were so happy about dinner.

Cayden repeatedly told me how wonderful dinner was.  He told me this was the best breakfast (yeah we're working on that one) I have ever made.  🙂  Not sure if everything else is just that bad, or if he simply loves a good potato!!!!

So tonight I received lots of compliments from a four year old about the best potato he has ever had!  I'm a champ!  Mom of the year tonight!