Tomorrow morning I'll walk three out of my four children to school.  Where did time go?  I remember when Deacon was born and that seems like just yesterday and now my baby boy is starting school.  I remember last year putting Amos in for his first day and then pulling him out a few weeks into school, and looking back I see that it was one of the best decisions ever.  My oldest is in 2nd grade!  What??  Last year's 1st day of school pictures and post are HERE.

I'm super excited that I took the day off work.  My kids main concern has been that there would be a babysitter here and I wouldn't take them to school.  I reassured them that there is not a job in the world that would let mommy miss the 1st day of school.  Never.  I hate missing so much of their day with work as it is.  I don't get to wake them up, kiss their faces first, make them breakfast, or listen to their whining about how early it is!  But tomorrow I do, because momma is home tomorrow!

All the school supplies were packed in their backpacks tonight.  Matching shirts laid out ready to dress in the morning, and the boys all helped in packing their lunches!  Then I got to work on my gift to the teachers on their first day of school! I did this when I sent Cayden off to kindergarten and then somehow forgot last year, but not this year because I have my A-game on today!  I got treats from Quacks Bakery here in town (FABULOUS) and then put them in a bag and tied it up with ribbon, added a note and a picture of the boys (b/c they are so dang cute!) and poof I have my gift!

Apple-turnovers from Amos

Cookies from Cayden

Double fudge brownies from Deacon

I also added a letter from Aaron and I telling them that we want to be their #1 supporter, that we value our kids education, that we will pray for them, and that we want to know how we can serve them best.  I asked them to fill out a little survey and send it back to me sometime this week.  I asked them questions like  … What is your favorite magazine that you don't subscribe to?  If you could have any breakfast on your way to work in the morning what would it be?  Are you a sweet lover or salty lover?  Do you like coffee?  Your favorite lunch item?  You know, stuff that I would want to know so that I can bless them in the best way this year!

One more night-night and it's BACK TO SCHOOL!!!