Today was a long day full of traveling. We said our goodbye's this morning with the Livesay family and that was tough. These guys rock and we loved our week with them. Actually as I sit here and type this it is weird that it's over. For so long we talked about our Haiti trip in May and now it has come and gone. Weird.

Getting to airport in PAP was fine. No Haiti traffic jams! Miami was fine and we had a great dinner at Chili's with Debra. Fun time!

Now we are at the Ivey's house and I can't decide what is more important to me at this moment. Do I want my first hot shower in a week, or do I want my first sleep in a real bed next to my love in a week? Um …. shower sounds great, but sleep sounds better. I think I'll hit the sack and hold out for the hot shower in the morning. Maybe I can get it so hot I'll scorch my skin and get all the dang mosquito bites to quit itching!!! Yeah right!

Just checked out Debra's blog and she has some cool pics from Haiti … go check them out and show her some blog love.

Jamie Ivey