Since Aaron busted his tail working on our house he has decided to hire someone to finish out the back house.  I'm so glad he did that, b/c I saw how much pressure was put on him when trying to get the first house finished for us.  We have a great guy who is working so hard on the house.  He has been a God sent for our house.  If you need someone to do something handy for you around the house we have your man.

I'm going to try to update the progress of the back house better than I did the front house.  I had BIG ideas of updating each night, but then I realized I had four kids and trying to get packed and that didn't happen.  Anyhow, maybe since I'm here and unpacked I can keep you updated on the back house progress.

So, here are the pictures I took tonight of the back house.

This pictures if taken from the old guest bedroom corner.  We knocked out the wall between the guest room and the living room.


Looking from the living room to the old guest room and hall way.


From corner of kitchen looking to living room and guest room:


If you don't remember what it looked like before, here are pictures:

This is the same angle as the picture directly above:


yes we took a whole wall out!

After I took these pictures I captured the kids jumping on the trampoline with their new toy from Ronnie!


oh yeah don't zoom in too much on this one ….