The family arrived safely home in TN last night.  After a long day of driving, Aaron and I just sat on the couch together last night and watched tv.  Kinda unwinding after being cooped up in the very crowded car with two kids, a dog, lots of suitcases, and Haiti on our minds.

Aaron wrote a great post about traveling out of the country and coming home.  We have talked lots about the fact that we need to get out of this place (America) at least every other year and preferably every year so that our minds can stay focused on the important stuff.  Traveling to Haiti does my mind, body and soul good.  I, along with every other American, struggle with knowing the difference between a want and a need.  Often the lines are very blurred in my mind and I could justify just about any want becoming a need.  For me, going to Haiti helps ease this blurriness in my mind.

Getting back home is always good.  Along with coming home brings laundry, bills to be paid, shirts to be mailed and lots of emails to respond to.  I love coming home, but it always takes me a few days to get back to “normal” life.  As I type this Aaron is downstairs working and two very sweet boys are jamming in their room to their favorite band of all times.  I can't help but imagine the day when I have three crazy boys and one beautiful little girl dancing together in their room.  Oh what a sweet day that will be.