Since moving to Austin two in a half years ago we have been unbelievably blessed with single ladies that love our kids and for some reason or another call us to see if they can watch them.  God has brought women into my life that are in their 20's that love to serve families and God has blessed us through them.

It is not unusual for me to get a text from one of these ladies saying, “hey I'm out and about can I come get Story to run some errands” or “Can I get all the kids and go to the park” or “when are you and Aaron going on a date because I need to hang with your kids”.  They are a huge blessing to us.

These ladies don't charge me to babysit and they do it with love.  They will never know what a blessing and help they are to my marriage and to me as a momma.  They help keep me sane!

If you are a single gal and don't need the extra money here's what you need to do this next week.  You need to pray and ask God to bring a family to your mind and you need to make 2011 your year to bless their socks off.  Be there for the mom for relief.  Stop by with drinks from Sonic.  Encourage date nights with your free babysitting.  Take the kids to the park so the mom can nap.  Be there for them, and not for money, but because you are wanting to be a blessing to them.

If you are someone who babysits for money you can still bless a family this year.  We truly have some of the best babysitters in Austin and here's why.  They do my dishes.  They fold my laundry.  They pick up the kitchen.  They read to my kids.  They engage them.  They put leftovers away.  My favorite and best babysitters go above and beyond the call of duty.  When you do these things for a mom you bless her so much.  Having a sink empty of dishes makes me so excited.  I do dishes all day long every day, and so when someone takes this off my plate I am one happy woman!

So, there's my babysitter advice.  If you can do it for free then do it!  If you need the money, then bless them by helping out around the house.   Make 2011 your year to bless a family with your time and energy.

*Staci and my kids.  She's one of many ladies that bless me so much by loving my kids!

Jamie Ivey