I am the worst at taking pictures on my camera and then taking months to put them on my computer.  Then it seems like the pictures you are looking at are SO old b/c sometimes so much has changed from when the pictures were taken.


For example …. I recently found all these pictures from when we had a shower at our house for Maris.


Now, this baby that was in her belly in these pictures is TWO months old!!!  OH my goodness!!!  Enjoy the pics from her shower and then all my kids loving on Wyatt this past week.


Ginger, myself, Maris (w/ baby Wyatt), Laura and Racheal






Cayden & Wyatt …

Amos & Wyatt


Deacon & Wyatt


Story & Baby Wyatt – I know if I ever walked out of the room with Story and Wyatt she would have him out of his chair and into his arms trying to take care of him.  She loves babies!!!



Jamie Ivey