My nephew has been here since Thursday night and I have enjoyed him so much.  My mom brought him and has done most of the work, but I get to do a lot of loving on him and trying to get him to fall in love with me so I’ll be his favorite aunt!

He is a great baby.  He is 10 months old and only 18 days older than my baby girl, Story.  So as I love on him I’m thinking of how my baby girl is.  Is she doing the same things as him.  Is she saying da-da-da all the time like he is?  Does she get into everything like he does?  Is she a snuggler like her is?

So, here’s BABY PORTER …. that’s what he’s called around here ….. don’t mind me I just woke up and look awful.

Cayden isn’t half-dressed this is his look today … he’s a lion … a very ferocious and scary one at that!

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