Okay I'm calling all readers to leave me some sort of comment on this one. I know that there are many of you that read and never comment. This is where I need you the most. Your comment can be only one word if you like and that will be just fine!

We're trying to decide favorite names for our new son. We have truly grown to LOVE the name D and it will for sure be his middle name, but we think he needs a new name for a new start. We're really not asking for your opinion on changing his name, b/c we've already been down that road and gone back and forth way to many times and we have made a decision on this.

So, here they are in no particular order:


That is all that I could think of last night that I like, and if you are wondering I do have a 100% favorite, but I'm not telling yet. If you know what my favorite is, don't give it away to anyone. If you have a suggestion, throw that in there too – we like different names though, so no Paul, Michael or Jason.

We will take your opinions into consideration but they will in no way determine the name of our child. If any of you have been around long enough, you know that in the name vote for Little Boy, we did NOT go with the majority and I LOVE his name and it is perfect for him. All that to say …. YES your opinion counts, but NO your opinion doesn't count!!!!