Okay I am so thankful to all of you for your excitement with the announcement of our new baby girl. As most of you read earlier I have always loved the name ESTHER for a little girl. I still love it so much, but am also not tied down to it. I want a name that Aaron and I both LOVE and he does like it, but we are both open to others. I don't want to just pick a name right away. I like to think on it and go through lots of options and come to a conclusion after lots of thinking and praying.

So many of you played a part in the picking of Amos' name. That was so much fun!

As you know we love to hear what you love and your opinions, but when it is all said and done we make the final decision!!! Ha Ha!!

Here are the first round of names. Knowing us we'll probably find more to think on and more to tell you about, but for now here they are in no particular order:


We like different names and her middle name will probably be M, which is the name her parents have given her in Haiti.

Okay let me know …which ones do you like. Have any other opinions?