For those of you that are familiar with our story you know that we have a deep love for the people at REAL HOPE FOR HAITI. We love them for a few reasons!

#1 – God used them to save our sons life when he was brought there as a severely malnourished baby.

#2 – our daughter and Licia‘s son Carmelo share a birth mom.


*Dec 2008 – Story & her birth mom

#3 – they took care of our children from November of 2007 until they both arrived home to us here in Texas (oct 2009 & jan 2010)


*Oct 2009 – my last time to visit them in Haiti. Story came home the next week and Amos 3 months later.

#4 – they do some of the most amazing things with their ministry.

#5 – they are just great girls with HUGE hearts that serve God in ways I can hardly even imagine. I love them!


*September 2008

If you haven't heard, Licia and her husband Enoch are preparing for child #4 and it is a GIRL! They are pumped and so excited. They are also in need of baby items and you can help!

Licia is registered at Walmart. They have it linked in the blog. Click on the baby list posted a couple of days ago. OR if you want to bless her with a cash or gift card baby gift, that would be put to good use too.

Getting the bigger items on this container requires people to get it to Minneapolis by next Tuesday, April 13th, so the Site-To-Store shipping won't work at this point. The container is loading on Friday, April 16th – if you think you are sending a gift to be loaded on the container, please let Debbie Woodward know so she can pass the information to Zach for planning.

Large items can be sent to or dropped off in Minnesota at:

Debbie Woodward
Northrup King Building, Main Office
1500 Jackson Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

If you want to follow them on twitter: Real Hope for Haiti on twitter


*A child they were admitting when I was there in Sept 2008


*A family that they were helping after the hurricane


*Oct 2009 a child on the Medika Mamba program


*Oct 2009 – Lori talking to the mom of the sickest child I have seen in my life and the first child I have ever watched die at RHFH. A very sad reality at this place. They did all they could, but it was too late. Thankfully this child is now pain free and running with our savior.

Jamie Ivey