Happy Friday friends!!! I debated about telling you all that my husband is out of town for next 12 days because one of you reading just might be a psycho killer, find my address, and come take out the kids and I. Then I realized that Aaron's already announced he's on his way to Australia and so if you know us you'll figure it out. Although last night was my first night and I couldn't sleep because of noises. Gonna be a long 11 more days!

I've been tracking his flight all day and y'all flying to the land down under is no joke.


He left at 10pm last night and gets there at 2pm our time, and 5 am on Saturday Australia time – y'all he traveled through time. Every time I try to think about this my mind explodes. He left on a Thursday and got there on a Saturday. He never got to experience Friday, August 22. I do not even get that. He lost a whole entire day from his life, although I think he might get it back when he comes home. I don't know. I can't even try to figure out the math right now.

Anyhow … the kids and I are here holding down the fort while he does amazing stuff there. So proud of him! If you know me, then you know that my love of cooking is low. My love of eating is high, and even my love of finding recipes is high. It's the actually part about putting food together and making it into something that doesn't go well for me.

A few nights ago I spent way too much time (I tend to waste a lot of time when Aaron's gone – this could get bad) figuring out what to feed us while he's gone. I'm serious this is a problem for me. Not your average housewife problem! I looked on Pintrest for healthy casseroles, because if there is something I can do, it's a casserole. We don't buy any “cream of …” soups, so it can't have that in it. I found a great kale & chicken casserole that we're having tonight. I'll let you know how it goes!

Last night we stooped to a new low and I fed them something straight out of a box. Think Hamburger Helper low. Wasn't a great first start to this solo parenting gig. Although I threw a salad on their plate and that makes everything better!


I hope that your Friday goes well, and that your weekend is wonderful. I worked out a new gym today, so that was fun! I never knew doing ballet poses could be so painful to my body. Maybe that's why dancers look so good – watch out world, give me a month and you'll think I'm in the Nutcracker.  I'm gonna hurt tomorrow. I do know that.


I'll leave you with this coffee picture from Thunderbird because honestly doesn't this just brighten your day when your barista gives you a heart in your coffee. It's the small things people. Love finding hearts all over our world! My friend Catherine loves finding hearts in random places, so whenever I see one I always text her a picture of it. I am kinda liking it myself, and have always loved hearts. I mean I do have one tattooed on my body, so I think I should like them.

So, this weekend let's look for hearts, and look for love. Better yet, let's look for how we can love someone well.  

How have you loved well recently?