The TOGETHER FOR ADOPTION conference is this upcoming weekend.  It seems like Oct 1-2 has been on my radar for a long time now and sure enough it's almost here!!!  I know that there are tons of you that are coming in from out of town and there is something that you MUST know about Austin …. we have THE BEST FOOD in the state of Texas.  I am not even playing about that.  If you come in from out of town and you eat at Applebee's, Chili's or Olive Garden I'm going to be very very very mad and upset with you!  You must eat at places that we are famous for.  You must eat at weird places that insist on Keeping Austin weird!

Here are some of my favorites:

Thunderbird Coffee shop – Great coffee shop.  Two locations in Austin.  They even have a blog!

Quack's Austin Bakery – I just found this place last week.  Great coffee and great sweets

Foodheads – I have no idea why I've only been here once in my whole 2 years of being in Austin, but I LOVED LOVED LOVED it!  Great vegetarian sandwiches

Freddie's Place – Oh do we love this place.  Great happy hour.  Great vibe.  Out door play area for kids.  All American food

Phil's Ice House – maybe my FAVORITE burger place.  Every single burger they offer can be made into a veggie burger as well.  Oh my word I love this place.  Sweet Potato fries.  Do I need to say anything more than that?  Kids playground outside as well.  Another bonus is that it's attached to an Amy's Ice Cream.

P. Terry's – another one of our favorite burger places.  Have a great veggie burger and all their food is all natural.  I hear you must get a shake there as well.  I just love the fries and could eat baskets of them!

Zocalo – great fresh Mexican food.  Tons of vegetarian options too

Galaxy Cafe – Oh this is good stuff!  They also have a huge gluten free menu!

Eastside Pies – best pizza on the eastside!

Homeslice – a classic Austin pizza place.  We always take guests here.

House Pizza – great pizza spot in our neck of the woods!  I could live off of their spinach salad.  It is so wonderful!

Mother's – I have just been here twice and I am in love.  Such good Vegetarian dishes!  Aaron and I have vowed to eat every item on this menu before we get anything twice.  It's that good!

Vesapaio – if you are here for a night out and want Italian you must go here.  Go early to get a seat.  You will not regret this decision one bit.

Juan in a Million – yummy yummy breakfast tacos.  Come on down to the Eastside for some great Mexican food.

Guerros – Great Mexican food right in South Austin.  So fun

Chuy's – Do i need to explain?  We LOVE this place.  9.5 years ago we even had our rehearsal dinner at one in Houston.  If you go you must get creamy jalapeno with your chips!

Maudie's – very close call with our favorite Mexican food in Austin!  I get the Kimberly's plate.  Oh my gracious is it good!

So those are my favorite places.  I most certainly missed tons of great places in Austin.  Leave a comment with your favorite for everyone to know about!  If you come to this conference and eat at Chili's I'm so angry with you!


*this picture has absolutely nothing to do with food in Austin, but it's just too cute!

Jamie Ivey