Recently a new friend of mine wanted to use Cayden as a model.  I was so excited about this, because if you are like me, you love free pictures of your kids!  One thing that's sure about the Ivey's is that we have always have great photographer friends and are always getting the hook up!  I love it.


Anyhow, Whitney Runyon, is a FABULOUS photographer and was trying to build up her portfolio and so Cayden was her model.


It was so much fun to watch Cayden work it.  She hardly ever had to tell him what to do.  He just went into this model/rock star mode and had a serious look and was just plain cool looking.  I texted Aaron in the middle to tell him that it was freaky how good he was doing.  He's a very low maintenance model I must say.


Now I know that all moms think that their babies are the cutest, and so I'm gonna just go with it.  I think these pictures of Cayden are so fabulous and that he is so precious looking.  I can't really say cute, because for goodness sake he's 7.5 and not smiling in any of them.  So cute is out.  Rocker is in.  Precious is even out too.  Oh what could I say?  What the heck, I'll just say he is cute.  I can't not say cute.  Cute it is.


He is so cute in these pictures.





Wow my baby boy sure doesn't look like a baby boy anymore.  In fact, he looks like a kid.  I big kid.  I'm in awe of how fast our kids grow up.  In four months I'll have an 8 year old.  In one month, Story will have been home 2 years.  In one in a half months I'll have two 6 year olds.  In two months my youngest kid will be 4!  I dare to say I'm entering the stage with big kids.


If you want some super ROCK STAR pics of your kids done contact my friend Whitney and she will hook you up!!!