We did it!

Back in November Aaron and I started training for a half marathon. At the beginning we did so good with our running. We would head to the gym and use the fabulous free child care while we ran in the movie cinema. Or we would load them all up in our two jog strollers and run around Town Lake.

Then January 12 happened.

Everything stopped for us. From January 12 to February 13 I ran 7 times, hurt my back and started feeling my knee pain again.

BUT on February 14th we did it. We finished 13.1 miles. I was wishing for under 2:10 but was knowing that realistically it would be more around the 2:15 range. Well, with the help of Staci and Whitney in the last two miles, I finished in 2:11. Yippee!

I have a huge desire to run a full marathon, but honestly I think people that run for 26 miles are crazy! 🙂 When I was in Orlando the weekend before the earth quake I loved watching everyone finish the full marathon. People were crying as they crossed the finish line. They looked so overjoyed and it was so inspiring.

I want to feel that.

I want to accomplish that.

But with four small children I'm not sure I can. There is full marathon on my calendar in October. In fact I have already put a training schedule on my calendar and it starts in June! I love training schedules. I just sometimes hate completing them.

We'll see what happens!



After Race:


Jamie Ivey