I am at the airport without any children for the first time in a really long time. I don’t remember the last time I flew by myself. I LOVE it! Usually about this time I’m trying to entertaining my children with books, popcorn, and just trying to keep the other passengers around me happy!

A random stranger just made my day at the airport. I sat down beside this cool, hip young lady and she smiled and asked me what store I was from. I was very confused and asked her what she was talking about. She said oh you must not work for the BUCKLE. Then I remembered that my friend Laura who is a manager for the Buckle is on her way to Nebraska this weekend for meetings, and it all clicked. She thought I was a BUCKLE manager headed to Nebraska for meetings. WHOA she made my day. That means that she thought I was dressing cool and hip! Funny thing is that everything I am wearing today except my shoes are from the BUCKLE!!!! I love this store and it helps that I have some great people there that help me find cool, hip clothes! I’m trying to stay away from the I’m-a-mom-of-two-little-kids look!!!

Once again it is apparent that I am kidless. When flying with kids it is impossible to wear cute wedge shoes, or nice shirts because I would not be able to chase kids around in these shoes and this shirt would have some sort of stain on it after flying with my kids.

I am so happy as I am about 2 hours away from being in the arms of my man with nothing to concern ourselves with except loving on each other, laughing our heads off at each other, having a blast with the Student Life staff and spending great nights of worshipping our God together.

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