Y'all Christmas is literally right around the corner.  I love Christmas time and I have recently loved buying gifts for my friends and family at places where I know my money is making a difference.  Long gone are the days of heading to Target to get gifts for our parents.  Those days are gone.  Target doesn't need my money, but when I find organizations where I know my money will make a difference, that makes me happy!


If you live in the Austin area this event is for you!  If you don't live in the Austin area you could still win this giveaway!  Hill Country Hill Tribers is preparing for their flagship event, the Artreach Fair Festival on November 12 from 10-4 at Westover Hills Church of Christ.



Artreach is an annual event that celebrates Burmese refugee artisans who live here in Austin. Hill Country Hill Tribers helps them earn supplemental income and learn marketable skills through economic and educational development. The artisans are going to be at the festival and it's a great opportunity to meet these courageous and artistic refugees as well as buy some fantastic products. In addition to HCHT, there are some amazing vendors who are working with groups all over the world to help give hope and healing. You can find out more at the Artreach blog.


To spread the word about Artreach, HCHT is giving away this necklace made by our lead jewelry designer, Huang, to one of my readers!!!  Isn't that so stinking nice of them?!?!  Huang has taught her friend Nomia how to tat and together they are creating a new line of jewelry called the Sunbreak Collection. They are both Kachin refugees who fled persecution in Burma, spent years in refugee camps, and are now setting up new lives in Austin.


Both women work hard at earning extra income for their families and are learning English as fast as they can. Since they've had the opportunity to work with HCHT, both women have grown more confident and have a sense of personal accomplishment that is beautiful to watch. You can read their stories on the HCHT Artisan Page.


Isn't that necklace beautiful!  Red is my favorite color, so I am thinking I might have to pick one up just like this at the Artreach Fair!


I have lots of ways that you can enter.  Remember you don't have to do all of these things if you don't want to.   It's like playing the lotto* people.  The more you buy the better your chances are!!  If you just want to do one thing, then that's cool, or you could do all of them and increase your odds by at least 46%.  (I just made that number up!  I could never truly figure that out!)


REMEMBER:  leave a NEW comment for EACH thing you do.  That's the only way you'll have multiple chances!


1)  Go to the Artreach Facebook event page and RSVP.


2) Share the Artreach Facebook event page with your friends.  That super easy to do on facebook!  This is an easy one!


3) Email the link to the Artreach blog to all your peeps and invite them to come.  Maybe plan a brunch before hand.  Oh that sounds fun! – This one is for those of you that aren't quite into the facebook/twitter stuff.  No worries you can still win.  Just invite people the old fashion way.  Well not so old fashion as to picking up the phone and calling or writing a letter.  Just email.  That's now old fashioned.


3) Like Hill Country Hill Tribers on Facebook – EASY entry!


4) Follow them on Twitter to get more information about the vendors, artisans and products featured at Artreach.


5) – oh my gosh are there really five ways you can enter …. Share this blog post on facebook here's the link: http://dreamingbigdreams.net/?p=5929 – i know if you share it takes your odds down, but come on it's Christmas time.  Share the love!


6) – why stop now … here's the 6th and final way you can win …. tweet about this giveaway:  here's the link to this post:  http://dreamingbigdreams.net/?p=5929, my twitter name is @jamie_ivey and Artreach's twitter name is @hilltribers


Did I truly just give you SIX different ways you can win.  Dang I love giving stuff away!!!!


Contest will end on Monday, November 7th at midnight!  Get your comments in!  Spread the word!


Last year they gave away a super cute bag here on my blog and April Salvant was the winner!  This year it could be YOU!



*I for sure don't encourage the lotto.  Keep your money, you're never going to win!



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Congrats to Kristen Chadwick!!!!!!


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