Each month I give a little recap as to other places I wrote/spoke around the web. This month I'm also including what I read this month because it's just not fun to have a “what I read” post and only have two books. My reading is drastically different in the school year versus the summer. I'm super excited about June and ready to dive into lots of fun books!

Around the web this month:

May 3 – Four Things to do When Bringing a Child Home from Hard Places on the Verge Network site – This is an article that was originally posted on this site about a few things you can do to help with your transition when you bring a child home via adoption.

May 8 – Podcast 02 “Kingdom of Self” on the Verge Network site – Fabs and I discuss the battle of self vs the battle of kingdom after one of the main sessions from the Verge Conference.

My 14 – Podcast 03 “Meeting Jesus” on the Verge Network site – Fabs and I discuss the moment we first met Jesus. It's good. You should listen. If you want to subscribe to the VERGE women podcasts you can do that thru your itunes. Check it out HERE. When you subscribe every time a new podcasts is uploaded you automatically receive it!

May 22 – Podcast 04 “Leadership & Family” on the Verge Network site – What does it look like to steward our leadership roles in our families, communities, workplaces and in the church? Do you tend to lead with an iron fist or hide in the corner? Jamie Ivey and Fabs Harford talk about what it looks like to lead the church as a family rather than treating it as an orphanage.

May 29 – Mom Life Today – “Siblings by birth, friends by choice” – here's an article about how I desire for my kids to be more than family members, but also friends. How do you help your  kids with this?

Books I read:

WILD – This is about a woman who hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, which runs from Mexico to Canada, all by herself as kind of a “finding herself” trip. I enjoyed this a lot and there's a movie coming out about it this Fall, so that always makes me want to read books before the movies!

LET'S EXPLORE DIABETES WITH OWLS by David Sedaris – this is my first Sedaris book and I'm already planning on devouring more of his writing. I love books that are short essay's and he kept me entertained through a whole essay about buying an owl. Great writing.

Oh and we have just entered into the HARRY POTTER stage. Cayden is finishing book one and I'm on to it next.