Where you can find me around the web. I hope that you click the links and read the articles and join the discussions for each of them!

April 6 – ARTICLE: WHAT MEANS THE MOST over at OUTSIDE THE BOX SCORE – Chris & Tyson asked me to write an article for them about Daniel Murphy missing the opening game for the Mets to be with his wife as she delivered their first child. You can probably guess where I land on this subject, but we'd love for you to join the discussion as well.

April 15 – VIDEO: FIGHTING FOR FEELING over at VERGE WOMENFabs, Becca & I discuss how we can live an un-wasted life as women during this coffee conversation video.  We bring up the ideas of “faking it until we make it” in the Christian life and what will sustain us as we follow Jesus.  We'd love for you to join our discussion, and share these videos with your friends.  The prayer for them is that they would spark great conversation between you and your girlfriends.


April 22 – ARTICLE: A HAPPY HEART over at MOM LIFE TODAY One of the key phrases around our house is “Obey with a happy heart.” Often you’ll hear me asking my kids how their heart is, and if it needs to change. I know first hand that you can totally go through life obeying the rules, making people happy, and living life all with a heart that is selfish, not happy, and plain out disgusting. It’s almost harder to obey with a happy heart, than it is to obey with a heart that is not engaged. —> Read the entire article on the Mom Life Today blog.

April 23 – VIDEO: HOW TO LEAD WHEN YOU DON'T FEEL LIKE A LEADER over at VERGE WOMEN – Becca, Fabs & I talk about how we can be leaders when we ourselves feel like we are failing at life and ministry during this coffee conversation video.

April 28 – PODCAST:  Jesus is Better – On this podcast, Fabs and I discuss how Jesus is better than all of life. We discuss how we need to make our days revolve around Jesus and not try and squeeze him in somehow before we fall asleep. This podcast was based on Halim Suh's talk the first night of the conference Verge that was held last month. If you don't own the song “Jesus is Better” I highly recommend you add it to your playlist. You will love it!