My kids have been taking swimming lessons for 2.5 months and they are doing really well.  If you would have seen Amos in May at Schlitterbahn you would have seen terror on a kids face when I made him go in the pool with me and no life jacket.  Yes I was holding him.  Yes he could have touched if he would have tried.  HE WAS TERRIFIED.


Fast forward 3 months and he is a different kid in the water.  Swimming lessons have been so good for him and we have been going to a great place here in Austin.  Now, when we go swimming he might ask to wear floaties, but if I ask him to swim around with me without them, he no longer freaks out and he is doing so well!


The instructors and staff at Aquatots are so nice and helpful.  They remember our family each week, they call the kids by their names when they see them.  They have been so gracious with us when we need to make up a class, or even when I napped right through an appointment at home and missed a class all together.  They are fabulous there and truly try to serve their clients in a respectable way.


So, if you are looking for a place for swimming lessons for your little one, I highly recommend Aquatots!



Jamie Ivey