My “year of motherhood” just sent me into a cold sweat since this month is about planning family nights for each week.  Pintrest here I come …..

Now, don't think I don't like spending time with my family, I love it, but planning themed nights is not my best quality.  I know that themes don't make a family night special, but when thinking about this challenge I knew I wanted to up my game up just a bit.

We love doing what we call “family nights” around here and they consist of us all being home and eating dinner together.  For some of you that might be every night, but our busy schedules have us eating together for sure four nights a week.  If Aaron and I have something I try hard to make it where we don't leave until after 7 so that we can at least be at the table with them while they are eating.

Amos is the #1 fan of family nights and to him this means that both dad and mom are home and we are eating together.  The thought of that can make him give the biggest smile ever.  That kid loves his family to be together!

So, for April I'm challenging myself to step up the family nights.  I'm thinking themes, and costumes, and decorations.  I know I'm probably shooting for the stars here, but I want to do some fun stuff.  I need your help though.  What family nights have you done?  What themes have you seen?  I'm thinking a camping family night where we eat “camp food” (whatever that is since I am 33 and have never slept one night in a tent!!!) and roast marshmallows and do some sort of craft to count down the days until our kids actually go to camp, which is nothing like “camping”, but to them it's all the same right now.  I'm also thinking of doing a backwards night which I've seen a lot of people do.  You wear your clothes backwards and eat dessert first and even eat under the table, which I know our dog Scout will love.

My friend Julie sent me a few links to help with planning, so hopefully they will be useful this month.  She has blogged some of their family nights and sounds like she has this thing down!  Family Time Training was one of the sites and it looks as though they have a free planning guide each month to a new family night theme with games and scripture all ready for you.  Another site she sent me to was called PLUGGED IN and it is a site dedicated to reviewing media for parents and they have a section called “movie nights” where they actually have discussion questions for you to have a movie night with your child and then have a biblical based discussion afterwards.  Pretty cool!

April will surely challenge me as a mom. I want these nights to be fun, and all about the kids.  I want to leave all my stress behind and truly live in that moment with my kids.  If we are roasting marshmallows and there is stickiness all over the table I want to let it go and be with my kids!

Anyone joining me this month?  Family nights here we come ……