I have finished two books in the last month.  I feel like a reading machine lately!  They were actually both very short and easy reads.  Great for the summer time!

I finished THE SHACK.  I must say that I did truly love this book.  I had heard lots of hype about it and so had very high expectations for it.  It was hard for me to get into.  The beginning was easy, because I was pulled into to the crazy story of what happens to his daughter.  Then once he got to the shack I was having a hard time getting through it.  BUT then I got to chapter 9 and it was amazing for me.  I love love love love the way the book represents God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  You know it is good to get out of our minds that God is a white man with white beard up in heaven.  It made me throw out any pre-conceived notions and ideas I have of the picture of God.

The way it made you feel about God's love for us was incredible.  The emotions portrayed from God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit throughout the book were captivating.  Before reading the book I had some very Godly people HIGHLY recommend it to me.  I also had some people dear to me “warn” me of it.  I must say that I think it is a great book and would HIGHLY recommend it.  I'm sure there are some things that don't scripturally line up, but it is a fictional book.  The way it encompasses forgiveness, faith, trust, love and hope is worth reading.  If you know anyone that is struggling with forgiveness or the loss of a loved one this book would be fabulous for them.  I was reading this book around the same time Maria Chapman was tragically killed, and I had different eyes to view this tragedy from.

The next book I picked up was UNVEILED by Francine Rivers.  This is the novella on Tamar.  Unveiled is my first Francine River's book to read and I must say I was impressed.  Although I believe this style of writing is called historical fiction I really did connect a lot of dots from my bible school days.  It made me head back to Genesis and check out the story.  I was in the middle of reading it in the kitchen one day while the kids were watching JOSEPH and some pieces were even connecting there with the two stories.

I recommend this book for anyone wanting a quick and easy read.  I am wanting to read REDEEMING LOVE by her next.  It is always checked out at the library, so i will have to wait.

I have been checking books out at the library, but I must say I miss buying books.  There is just something about searching through a book store for your perfect book and then purchasing it and taking it home to be all yours to dive into.

Today I ventured out to a small book store here in Daytona and this is what I brought home:

Ana's Story by Jenna Bush – I've been wanting to read this for a while.  Seems like a great story and I kinda like this girl.  She seems like we would be friends if we knew each other in real life.

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen – I'm going to be honest here and tell you that I've been wanting to read this book forever b/c I think the cover is awesome!   I have NO clue what it's about, but the lady behind the counter tonight told me she LOVED it.  I hope I do too.

I think I'll start Ana's Story first.

So, any of you read The Shack, Unveiled, Ana's Story or Water for Elephants?  Let me know what you thought.