I need to update you on a few things regarding my sweet boy Amos.  I have three things to tell you so instead of writing about them individually they are all going in one update blog!  Enjoy.

  1. We pulled Amos out of kindergarten.  Nothing bad happened and in fact he was adjusting quite well to kindergarten, but we just couldn't shake the feeling that he might need a bit more time with us at home.  He is way behind educationally (by no ones fault, just a fact) and it seemed like some days he was just drained physically and emotionally after being gone for so long.  He is now at preschool with Deacon & Story and loving it.  They are loving him and we couldn't be happier with the transition.  We'll work on school stuff at home and I'll have two boys in kindergarten next year!  Oh Lord help us!!!
  2. A few weeks ago something happened that at first made me upset with him, but the more I thought about it I was super proud of him.  I had asked him to go and get different shoes on and he wasn't liking that idea.  He was being disobedient and finally he threw the shoes down and yelled at me “but those aren't fast shoes” and stormed off.  At first I was upset for the yelling at his momma part, but then it hit me that this little boy just told me what he was feeling instead of holding it in.  He expressed why he was throwing the fit instead of just shutting down.  That was a mini break through for him and for me.  I then was able to talk to him about what he was feeling and all that fun jazz!

I started this blog a week ago and now can only think of two the three things I wanted to share with you.  Oh well!  Amos is doing great and adjusting well each day.  We for sure have our moments, but for the most part he's doing well.

Jamie Ivey