When I was visiting Amos and Story in October is when this first happened.  Amos had never said this to me before, and I was so caught off guard and honestly didn't know what to say or do.  The three of us were playing upstairs in Licia's house when Amos took something from Story and I told him to give it back to her.  He refuse and of course I made him do it and he looked at me straight in the eyes and said:


What?  I was so caught off guard.  I looked at him and told him that makes mommy very sad, but I love him very much and will always love him.  He then repeated “i do not love you.”  I told him once again how sad that made me and that I loved him very very much.

At the time I thought what a little terd.  Doesn't he see how much I love him that I come down here and visit him all the time.  That night I started thinking about his actions and thinking of some of the things I had read on some blogs and I came to the conclusion that this little boy was mad at me for making him give the toy back and so he wanted to hurt me.  He wanted to see if he said something really mean to me if I would get angry and stop loving him.  I did neither.  I didn't get angry at him and I for sure didn't stop loving him.

Then Aaron went to visit in November and he told me that Amos did the same thing to him.  He had heard me tell him about my experience so he knew just what to say and he assured him that he did love him very much and that what he said was not very nice.

Well, fast forward 2 months and Amos is home with us!  Within the first few days he had said that phrase “I do not love you” to everyone in our house, even Carson, our dog!  We told him that it was not very nice and this time we added that we did not want to hear him say that again b/c it was so mean.  From then on he has not said this to any of us anymore.

I can actually see his little brain working sometimes and can tell that he wants to say it so badly, but instead he says stuff like this:

I do not like lunch.

I do not like Carson.

I do not like Mommy's car.

I do not like my shoes.

I do not like Papa's car.

It makes us smile each time b/c he is trying so hard to make us mad and each time we reply with “oh that's funny I thought you loved lunch”, or “oh i'm sorry you don't like mommy's car, I love it”.  It doesn't take long for him to move onto something else.  Poor kid is trying to piss us off and that's just not going to do it.

He works so hard at is sometimes though.

So, when you get mad at someone today and you want to tell them like it is, look them straight in the eyes and declare to them:  I DO NOT LIKE LUNCH.

That'll show em!