Yesterday Lori sent me a fabulous video of my kids in Haiti.  I cherish each of these videos and have watched this one a dozen times since getting the email from her.  I am amazed at how much Story is doing and how much bigger she is than when I was there a month and a half ago.  I love how happy Amos is.  He seems to be joyful and full of life.

I went back and watched the very first video that they sent us of Amos and he has come so far in these past 6 months.  It is as if he has a whole new look on life.  He stays upstairs with Licia and her family some and it is amazing what a family environment can do for a child.

I can not wait for the day that we post videos of us bringing our sweet boy and sweet girl home!  That will be a glorious day!

For now, enjoy this sweet video of my two beautiful children in Haiti!


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