Amos loves to spend time with his family.  I mean all kids do, right?  It seems like for him it's deeper than just a normal night.  When we are all together and all eating a meal together we call it “family night”.  Truly nothing special goes on most of the time, but to Amos “family night” is his favorite night of the week.  Sometimes we play games, sometimes we watch a movie, or literally sometimes it's just us all in the house at the same time cooking dinner and then eating together.


Since Amos has been home one of his favorite “family nights” are when daddy makes HAITI RICE AND BEANS.  He literally will lose his mind when he finds out we're having that.  I think there's part of it that he truly just likes it, but also I think it's something that he can claim as his.  He's from Haiti and the other boys aren't.  It's like it sets him apart and it's something that daddy makes because he loves Amos.   He's always trying to fit in and find where he belongs and I feel like this is something that makes him special.  I love that we can eat this once a week to show our kid how much love him!


Another thing Amos loves to do is help in the kitchen.  Aaron is way better at this than I am.  I don't like kids in the kitchen when I'm cooking.  I barely like to be in the kitchen when I'm cooking, so the thought of kids in there making things messier and more work is not something I enjoy.  Aaron gives them tasks and let's them feel important.  Clearly he is the better parent in this scenerio.


When Amos is the helper for the night and the meal that's being cooked is Haiti Rice and Beans we have one happy kid!