Tomorrow starts the final day of our first two weeks at school. The question everyone wants to know is “how is Amos doing” in school. Well I'm happy to say that he is doing very well at school! He is excited to go each day and only tells me that he doesn't like it when he's being naughty at home and wants to try and make me mad. 🙂

His teacher stopped me yesterday to tell me that he is getting a lot more comfortable in the classroom and is starting to get a little rowdy in class. She said he is forgetting his personal space and touching people and not following directions all the time. I can't even explain this, but when she was telling me this my stomach dropped. You see we have NEVER had anything bad said to us about Cayden. He is that perfect, first born child that follows all the rules and would never want to do anything to get in trouble or draw attention to himself. My other three children are not that. We have known for a while that our last three children would for sure be different in school than our first child. (Now on a complete side note I worry about Cayden and his internal sin since he is the “perfect-not-make-anyone-mad-child”)

On the inside I had to remind myself that Amos has been in school for a grand total of EIGHT days and has never been in a setting like school for so many hours in one day. All of this is new to him. I mean if we are still struggling with having rules and having someone tell you what to do at home, then I would have been stupid to not think we would have this at school as well. She for sure didn't tell me that he was being bad, but just that we needed to talk to him about those things. We had a meeting that night with him and Aaron and we didn't even act like he did anything wrong, but just went over proper behavior.

Today his teacher said we need to keep talking to him about it. 🙂 We do talk about it and will talk about it. How can I help him with this? He is super behind academically, so I don't want him to miss out on teaching, but I just want him to learn to love school and learning and learn how to sit in a class and follow rules. That's all I want!

I personally need to not take it personal when his teacher talks to me about behavior stuff. I just need to talk with her about how we can work together and help him learn and become the great student that I know he's going to be! I'd love to hear your thoughts, especially if you are an educator and especially if you have dealt with this stuff with an elementary age child that you brought home via adoption.

Thanks my fabulous readers!


*Photo by Amy Gayhart

Jamie Ivey