Today was the day I've dreaded for a while.  Our first project about Amos when he was a baby.  I knew these days would come because we've all done those projects in school.  You talk about when you were a baby and so on.

For Amos it's a bit difficult, because we don't know much about when he was a baby.  We know when he was born, and everything on from 9 months.  We haven't even shared much with him about what we do know about when he arrived at the Rescue Center.

So, I posted on Facebook and so many people gave me great advice.  A friend sent me a private message and said that when she did this with a son of hers, she just plain out lied. Made up a weight, height, etc.

So Amos and I sat down and we talked about how we don't know anything about when he was born.  I pulled out the pictures that we have of him starting at 2 years old.  I asked him what he wanted to do.  I gave him three choices.  I told him that we could write in what he weighed when he came home to us, we could leave it blank, or we could make something up.  He decided to make something up, and the good thing is that he didn't even look at it as lying.  We had fun picking out a weight for him and a height.  Honestly, I don't even think he totally understood it.

Although I thought this project was going to be super hard for Amos, it wasn't at all.  He was much stronger than I thought he was, and this was a much bigger deal for me than it was for him.

I think as parents we want to protect our kids that have come home to us through trials.  We see these projects and want to make sure our kids aren't hurt.  I want to make sure Amos is confident when he turns in a paper and says he doesn't know how much he weighed when he was born.  I want to make sure his friends don't make fun of him.

Tonight we accomplished something big.  Amos has no idea he accomplished something big.  I do though.  We did it.  The first project of many that will be hard for him because we don't know much about his life previous to 9 months old.

amos project