I hate being sick. I feel like I never get sick, but when it hits me it hits me hard. A few days ago I started feeling like crap. Wed was bad, Thur was a little better and today was the worst. My whole head feels as though it will explode. My teeth are hurting so bad. My face hurts. My nose is running constantly and at the same time it is so stopped up.

I visited my local CVS to see the MediClinic nurse and walked in and told her that I do have a sinus infection and was hoping she would just write me a prescription and I would be on with my day. She informs me that they don't give out antibiotics until you've had this for TEN days. Oh my goodness. I can't do this for TEN more days.

She said that my allergies have gotten out of control. I didn't even have allergies before I got here to Austin! What is up with this place. So she sent me home with a prescription for this stuff that you spray up your nose, told me to take my allergy medicine every day no matter what. She also introduced me to the NeilMed Sinus Rinse. Anyone ever used one? I tried it when I got home and wow it is weird. One of my nostrils is so stopped up that the water came out of my eye. Oh my word! GROSS I know! I'll try it out tonight and hopefully I can get it to come out of my nose and not my eyes! 🙂

So I'm hoping that tonight I sleep much better. All the kids were great today and they entertained themselves quite well! Way to go kids!

Anyone have any home remedies for me to kick this sinus/allergy stuff to the curb FAST? I think I'm running out of toilet paper around here & my nose might fall off from redness.

*** UPDATE – thanks guys. BUT now i'm worse.