This summer has been moment after moment of me feeling as though I'm about to walk through a door to the unknown.  I have no idea what life looks like on the other side of that door, and that scares me.  For the past nine and a half years of my life I have always had a kid home with me, and starting next week all of my kids will be in school full time.  Did you catch that?  All of my kids.  I will drop them all off at 7:30 and pick them all up at 3:30, and this delights me and scares the crap out of me at the same time.

kids in CO

I was trying to explain this worry to Aaron earlier in the summer and he didn't get it.  I don't know what this new phase in our life looks like.  Everyone that finds this out always has the same reaction.  “What are you going to do with all that time?”  “Are you going to get a job?”

Aaron told me to take the first two weeks and chill.  Just relax and get in a groove.  I like the way this man thinks.  Here's the funny part of this whole story, and that is the fact that I'm actually out of town for the first two weeks of my kids new school year.  (My kids start school NEXT WEEK – we are on year round school, and we LOVE LOVE LOVE it!)   So, I'll be in Montana with Aaron for the first week, and the second week I'll be in London with ladies from our church.  And if you haven't put two and two together, that means that I am missing my daughter's first day of kindergarten.  I know.  TRAGIC.

I'm over this and feel no guilt, so don't even try to put any on me.  I've dealt with it and moved on.   She went to pre-k here last year.  She knows her teacher and all the school procedures.  She's a champ and she's the fourth kid, things are just different.  You moms with four kids know what I mean.

So, here's some goals of mine for this first semester of having no kids at home:

1.  Create a podcast.  I have wanted to do this since I left the radio a few years ago, and this might be the right time to start.  I have a few ideas I'm tossing around in my head, but this is a dream of mine and I just might work on that this Fall.  I want it to be a show where I invite different guests on each time and we discuss life and all that entails.  Something that feels like you and your girlfriends are sitting around chatting.

2.  I will write a book.  I have said it again and again, and truly if it never gets published and no one ever reads it except Aaron and my parents I'm cool with that.  I already have the first chapter outlined in my head, and that sounds like a good start to me!  I am going to take writing and podcast and treat them like a job.  I will create time for them every day.  See, I will get a job!  It just won't pay me anything.

3.  Organize our life.  For the love it seems as though nothing has a home around here and I'm gonna change that.  I will finish Amos' adoption and get Story her social security card.  I will throw away bank statements from 2005, and create a system for the kids school things that I want to keep and cherish forever (please send me your system!!!)  It's the little things in life that will keep me motivated this Fall!

4.  Work out – this is always on any type of goal list that I make for myself.  I usually fail at it, but out of obligation I need to put it on here.  Someone want to be my workout partner?  I'll meet you 3x a week at 8am.  Who is up for it?!?!

5.  Be intentional with friendships.  Who doesn't love to meet for coffee/lunch with friends?  I love it, and each week I'm going to make sure I'm investing in someones life.

6.  Volunteer at kids school.  I do this already, but with a full day free I feel like this will allow me to do that more often.  Should I substitute teach at their school, or is this too much?

7.  Study the bible more and do some teaching at church.  This scares me and excites me all in one.

So, with my 8 hours each day I hope to accomplish some of these goals of mine.  For those of you that all your kids are in school please give me some hints and advice.  How do you make sure your days are productive?  I'm not one to lay around and watch tv and nap all day, so I don't worry about that, but I do worry about the days and hours slipping by and me not even realizing that I wasn't productive.