My sweet Cayden is getting so big.  He has been going to church with me during the first hour and then heading to KidStuff after that.  I pray and hope that God begins to stir his heart at a young age.  I think that when my kids hit first grade I'll let them join me in church if I'm going to be there for two services.

This morning he got all dressed and was feeling very handsome.  He came to my closet where I was and stood there full of pride in how nice he looked.  “I'm going to wear clothes like this when I take my wife out on dates” he said to me.  I nearly melted.  He already knows that he wants to date his wife.  If we screw up our kids in every way at least they'll know that their mommy and daddy like to go on dates!

*Sorry I cut his head off.  I'm learning how to use this new camera app that I just got.  🙂

Jamie Ivey