A lot of people are asking where we are in the process so I thought I would fill you in on our progress. We are very close to the end, but still with no end in sight if that makes any sense.

We're in the department called MOI. This is one of the last stages in the process. After this we'll get passports, medical examinations and then a Visa. When you have your visa you are good to go. So it doesn't seem that far off, right?!

I recently heard MOI was moving quickly and some people were getting out in 30-60 days. Since then I've heard that MOI is averaging about 4 months long. That would mean us getting out the end of May, which would mean that our kids would NOT be home by Easter which has been my prayer for many months. It is starting to look less and less likely that they will be here to wear matching clothes to church on Easter Sunday. I do believe that God is big and can get them here whenever they want, but just looking at how things are going in Haiti it doesn't look like they'll be here before Easter.

This doesn't mean that I have stopped begging and asking God to get them here by then. I'm still asking and pleading daily for this. I feel sort of guilty because I have planned a get away with my girl friend the weekend after Easter and in some way I feel as though I'm throwing in the towel and not trusting God by planning it for that weekend. BUT I also can't sit around and do nothing just because I hope my kids are home. Know what I mean? If so, I'd not plan anything from March through the end of the year, just in case that's the weekend they are coming home!

Right now one thing that's holding us up is that our son's birth certificate is not recorded as it should be in the archives books. Sounds simple, but oh no it's not. I have no idea what they need to do to make this happen, but it's not as easy as updating a computer system! So, I have no idea how long this will take or if this will hold us up lots or not. I have no idea if this means that both of their files are stopped or if one can move on without the other. I have no clue if our daughter could get out of MOI and our son still be there. Anyone know this?

That's the most I know these days. The kids are doing great and I can't wait to get my hands on them in 3 weeks. What joy to see them so many times through this process. This will be my fifth time to visit them during our adoption, and Aaron's third. I pray that our next trip is to bring them HOME!

I can't wait to see this face: