If you went through my closet you would find tons of t-shirts from different fundraisers that I have supported through simply buying a t-shirt.  I love wearing t-shirts, and so when I can get a super cool shirt and help someones adoption than I am always game in buying one!!


Recently another mom that is in the process emailed me asking me to tell you all about her shirts.  These shirts are so stinking cool!  Oh my word.  Look at this:



How fabulous are those?  Oh my gracious!!!  She has a cute little store called LOVE IS WAITING that has all these listed there.  I'm telling you that you must go there because there is the cutest little kid shirt that is on there.  Oh my word it is crazy cute!


Heather and her husband are in the process of adoption via Ethiopia and would love for you to buy something form their store to help with their plane tickets.  Her blog is super cute and I'm sure if you are in the adoption world you will eat it up!


Heather has said that she'd love to give away a shirt to one of my readers.  Isn't that nice of her!!  Here's what you need to do to enter:


Leave a new comment for each thing you do!

  • Follow Heather on twitter –>  Click here: @twineandtwig
  • Facebook about this giveaway
  • Tweet about this giveaway  –> use link from this post and my twitter name (@jamie_ivey) & Heather's twitter (@twineandtwig)
  • Leave Heather a comment encouraging her in the last stages of this process!  (My favorite way to enter)
  • Leave me a comment here telling me about your favorite fundraiser shirt you ever bought!


GOOD LUCK!  That's FIVE different ways to enter!!


She is also giving you a way to go to her store this week and get 15% off your order.  That is a great discount!  All you need is your discount code “dreambig” and you'll get a whooping 15% off.  So, go now and get you some shirts!


I know there are tons of you out there that are selling shirts, so leave a message in the comments where others can see.  Link to your blog where they can see them.  Lots of people like to buy them for their kids too. I mean kids need new shirts anyways, so why not support adoption while you're at it!!  That will put you in the drawing too for this shirt!


While I'm at it I might as well tell you about a few more shirts I've seen lately:


Remember Rachel who gave away some fabulous earrings on my blog a few weeks ago?  Well she has some super cute shirts that I'm in love with as well!



Some friends at our church are adopting from Columbia and are also selling shirts.  The Fox family is such a creative family.  I told you before about their Valentine's that you could have ordered.

You can order their shirts here and help support their adoption.


Tell us in the comments if you are selling shirts!  Also go do all that stuff I listed above and try to win  you a new shirt and while you're at it go ahead and buy some of these shirts!!!!


Good luck!  Contest ends July 1st at NOON!

Jamie Ivey